Most of the people who have played gta 5 know about the mods available out there, but very people know about all of them or even the select few they do know about are through YouTube content creators. The modding gta industry is pretty thriving and even though the game is 3 generations old the demand for the same hasn’t dropped at all. The reason behind this is the creative minds of the modding industry, let’s look at some of the most fun and creative mods available for the game today.

One of the most famous and most fun mods out there is the iron man and hulk mod, I mean you get to fly and shoot around like you are iron man, what’s not fun about that. On the other hand, when you are the hulk you have unlimited strength and you can jump and throw around cars. One of the other mods out there is the graphic enhancer. People are aware that the game is about a decade old at this point and a lot of people’s computers can handle much more graphic intensive games, this mods increases the visual appeal of the game to make it look literally next gen, everything can be changed from the look of the roads to cars, to even the characters and billboard. One other mod takes real places from Los Angeles and puts them in the game like the real Hollywood sign and some real stores, we are aware that Rockstar can’t put real stores in the game because of copyright but it doesn’t stop people from using them. Some mods even have celebrities from the real world transported to the game itself, sometimes you can even combine two-three mods together.