Natus Vincere, also known as navi, was created at December 2009. This company includes many different clubs along side players that are competing in a number of games. These matches are Counter Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, Dota two, Planet of Tanks, League of Legends Paladins, Pubg, Apex Legends, and also the Rainbow Six Siege.

Arbalet, The founder of this company had been set outside in establishing a professional team and he turned into the main host to the same. He presented each of the people together with the training earth and worked about the financial side. Starlix has been the very initial gamer to combine the proposition plus then he had been later on presented with all the task of recruiting more visitors. Navi counterstrike has produced background and it is the sole team that has won the three important premier tournaments. It’s won the Intel Excessive Masters, Planet Cyber Games 2010, and Digital Sports World Cup. Each of 3 games were obtained in 1 calendar year. The Dota 2 team in addition has become a winner of the worldwide 2011. Navi grew to become one of the most successful organizations that featured esports.

This Organization features a group of players that participate in video games and these players are professional gamers. The company was a contender and so they came in the top fifteen on the state CSGO championship in 2015. All through this summer of 2015, navi showcased gameplay that was amazing and also had a commendable and striking from the ranks and placements. These teams are thought of as absolutely the absolute most dangerous and most qualified teams at the CSGO landscape.

Navi’s Victory

In 2016, Navi ongoing to truly have powerful matches plus it forced it into the grand finals in 6 big contests. The crew realized two prizes to its very first place. They gained the year 2 of Counter Pit League in Addition to the DreamHack Open up Leipzig. The teams utilize strategic abilities and plans that make gameplay that is fantastic.